NEWS during Covid -19


10.09.2020, 10:25

During the pandemic, I cannot currently ensure or deliver any deliveries of my products. I would therefore ask you to refrain from inquiries until the end of 2020   mehr



British Engineering  "Made in Germany"

This is your contact to Spare Parts Made in Germany for Vincent postwar Motorcycles as announced in MPH 684 (Jan 2006) and 685 (Feb 2006). 

Throughout many years of "Vincenteering" the members of the VOCSection Germany North West could gather plenty of experience in maintenance and repair of our "fleet" from Comet to Black Lightning.  The idea behind our spare parts production is:

  • Carefully developed improvements by application of modern materials  
  •  combinaed with modern production technology,
  • without changing the main characteristics of the ingenious design originally layed out.

Please also refer to articles written by Neville Higgins under "TheProf's Piece" in MPH no. 669 (Oct 2004) and 670 (Nov 2004).

Feel free to browse  our website, which is made out like the system of the original spare parts catalogue every "Vincenteer" is familiar with Spare Parts in bold can be ordered, please click on the thumbnails to get more information. 

We are constantly working on our range of delivery; so please come back to see what's new.

We are pleased to receive your inquiries  and remember: Ride 'em; don't hide 'em!










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