Scandinavian Rally 2015 

Ernst Hegeler has opened his trailer, like a trunk flea market de luxe. Here we found an engine, a newly manufactured twin, wired up for a test start!

     Ernst Hegeler is a frequent guest to the Scandinavian Meets and he usually drives a vehicle built or restored by himself, thereby proving its reliability. If he does not drive himself, he kindly lends the vehicle to a friend to make the journey! 

As you you see on the plate on the engine it is EHV-003 meaning Ernst Hegeler Vincent no. 3. He had made 2 engines for himself and Engine No. 3 was eventually sold to swedish Norvin Builder

If you want the starter as well you must use the generator with ignition as the starter motor replaces the std. dynamo. The starter motor is a normal car part so not very expensive and    idiot-proof. The dis-advantage of the starter solution is that you have to modify the left side ( see the picture) crankcase casting : a belt drive must be used and behind my multiplate clutch comes  a larger sprocket for the starter motor which requires to enlarge the casting at the rear end of clutch housing.

 The starter-/beltdrive-/clutch-combination has to come together as a unit. Both systems,ie,the dynamo/ignition- unit complete as  the starter-/beltdrive-/clutch unit are all in various bikeson the road since serveral years now with no failure whats so ever by now.

Note: the org. crankcase are not prepared for eletric start, if you want a Startermotor you need a special crankcase only use with my starter and my dynamo and ingnition.